Here at Shojin Now, we offer you the traditional Japanese art of Shojin refined through a modern perspective, hence the name “Shojin Now”. A project to learn and share with the Shojin Now team to build a more sustainable future. READ MORE



A ramen master of a leading ramen brand in Japan teaches the recipe "Veggie-Jang Ramen" specially developed for our school, featuring the seasoning "Matcha Pepper" which alters the entire taste. The topping veggie-jang is for ramen and a dish that goes well with pasta and rice.



The course will teach you the base of all soupy dishes in Japan plant-based dashi (soup stock) and two miso soup recipes; one packed with layers of mushroom umami and the other one cooked in an original and beautiful way of a popular miso soup speciality restaurant.



This course will teach you the basics of making a type of sushi called pressed sushi, including how to make vinegared rice, a variety of Neta (topping ingredients), and how to assemble them with a tool anyone can find in your kitchen. In the end, you can make two flavors of sushi with colorful toppings.




Master Jiro Yatogi

He has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to ramen while working at Menya Musashi. A master of his craft, Mr. Yatogi has poured all the knowledge and experience of his professional ramen history into creating vegan ramens.

Menya Musashi was the first ramen restaurant chain to proudly serve vegan ramen in Japan, and became a pioneer in the field. READ MORE


The course will teach you how to make those 5 fundamental ingredients; 2 noodles, 2 broths, 3 tare sauces, 5 flavoring oils, and 3 toppings. If you acquire how to make each of them and assemble them, the possibility of ramen creation will expand infinitely.

The course is designed to teach the formula to unlock more than 180 combinations of ramen over 14 days. Divided into 46 Lessons and 8 Chapters containing photos and videos with subtitles to make it easy for anyone to become familiar with vegan cooking.

Chapter 1: Basics of Ramen

It explains the entire course structure and basic knowledge about ramen. You will get to know more about a lecturer, Mr. Yatogi.

Chapter 2: Preparation of Noodles

You will learn how to make ramen noodles from scratch. It can be made effortless by using pasta machine and ingredients that every household has.Two Noodles ー Thick Noodles, thin Noodles.

Chapter 3: Creation of Broth

We instruct how to make the deciding factor "broth." Two kinds of soup broth will be lectured.Two Broths ー Chintan Broth, Paitan Broth.

Chapter 4: Creation of Tare Sauce

Tare sauce can direct the taste of ramen vividly. This chapter covers the primary three types of Tare sauces.Three Tare Sauces ー Soy Sauce Tare, Miso Tare, Salt Tare.

Chapter 5: Creation of Oil

Mr. Yatogi reveals multiple ways of creating oil, which can add a sharp flavour to the ramen.Five Oils ー Vegan Lard Oil, Japanese Pepper Oil, Nutty Chilly Oil, Spice Oil, Garlic Magic Oil.

Chapter 6: Topping Ingredients

Ingredients for the topping is a fun part. You can bring your inspiration to make ones. We share with you how to make three kinds of toppings.Three Toppings ー Soy Meat Cha-Shu, Frozen Tofu Karaage, Seasoned Bamboo Shoots.

Chapter 7: Assembling the Ramen

Finally, we assemble every part of the above and create a bowl of ramen. Five kinds of Ramen will be introduced as an example combination.

Chapter 8: Wrap Up

You can watch the comments from the lecturers. Also, you will receive a special offer if you complete school by submitting your own original ramen.


We are currently accepting only PRE-ENROLLMENT. The course will start from 21st February 2021 as 4th round.

[14 Day] Vegan Ramen Course

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